‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 9 English Sub Link: Should You Watch It?

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The series is already ongoing and is halfway on its first season, but should you bother watching the new series? For those who are not aware, Dragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama launched an all-new Dragonball series set on the events after the Buu saga in the Dragon Ball Z series where Goku has managed to defeat Majin Buu. Prior to the new series, Toriyama was motivated to continue the Dragon Ball Z story after a positive reception from the recent Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie and the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F follow-up movie. But how good was the new series?

So far from the recent episodes, the series is re-enacting the sequence from the Battle of Gods movie, but more of an extended take. Battle of Gods focused on a newer threat; Beerus the God of Destruction, as Beerus is very much eager to fight the legendary warrior known as the Super Saiyan God that was foretold in a prophecy. ?As for the series reception, many are praising the first few episodes as it has more of a laid back vibe and slice of life episodes. The opening sequence was also given high praise as some critics stated that it reminds them of the original opening from Dragon Ball Z.


However, not all are happy with the progress of the series, the most notable issue was the animation quality from episode five onwards, as the guys from Kotaku noted on the poor animation cuts, it affecting much of the overall feel to the series as many are expecting to have a high production budget.




But it is still hard to give out a verdict to the series as it is still ongoing. But if you want to ask us if it is worth it to invest your time watching Dragon Ball Super. Well if you are a Dragon Ball Z fan, there is no reason not to skip this series, the same goes if you want all out action and world destructive powers in a series.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 9 English Sub Link

So far there is still no confirmation for a local release of Dragon Ball Super, but hopefully we could get a Western release once the first season ends. Looking for sites to watch the series? you can check out anime streaming sites such as gogoanime.tv and anime-junkies.tv

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