Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 Spoilers: Krillin And Android 18 To Join Team Universe 7

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 84
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Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 will again not feature the start of the Tournament of Power. But on a good note, it will move us a step closer to the competition as Goku and Gohan seek for the best ten warriors in Universe 7. However, that would not be easy because it will only be limited to planet Earth.

Fans can recall that back in the previous episodes, the Omni-King already revealed the mechanics of the tournament. Ten warriors from each of the participating Universe will simultaneously enter the battle ground and go up against each other. As a result, Goku needs to find the top ten strongest fighters in Universe 7, but he needs to complete the task in less than two days.

In the upcoming installment of the anime series, viewers will see Goku and Gohan going to Krillin and and his wife Android 18. Son Gohan, as seen on the episode preview, will test how strong Krillin has become by having a quick match against each other. The two will square off with no clues yet as to how it will conclude.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 84

Goku, on the other hand, will go Super Saiyan Blue in Dragon Ball Super Episode 84. It is unclear, though, as to who is his opponent in the installment. If the preview would be the basis, it seems like Goku will also spar with either Krillin or Android 18. But the reason of him transforming into SSJ Blue is still a mystery. Maybe Krillin has reached a new level that would require our main hero to go full strength.

As of writing, it is somehow obvious that Krillin and Android 18 would make it to the final cut of ten warriors to represent Universe 7. But it cannot be confirmed until the episode airs on Sunday. So, let us wait for the installment to go live.

Vegeta To Join Team Universe 7

In the previous episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku and the rest returned to Earth to complete their 10-man roster. Our heroes asked Vegeta to join them in the Tournament of Power but he refused because Bulma was about to give birth to their second child. But because the universe badly needs him, Whis did some magic and delivered Bulma’s daughter in an instant.

Now, although Vegeta has yet to accept the invitation, it is safe to say that he would join Goku and Gohan to protect Universe 7. Plus, if he would know what is at stake on this tournament, for sure Vegeta would never back down.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and spoilers on Dragon Ball Super Episode 84. Who do you think would be the other representatives of Universe 7? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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