Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 Release Date, Spoilers: Son Goku Still Alive, Gohan Becomes a Stuntman

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The latest Dragon Ball Super spoilers suggest that the next episode will be filled with adventures. Episode 73 might also re-introduce a familiar character. Fans will be delighted to know that Gohan might be back in Dragon Ball Super Episode 73.

The upcoming episode will most likely bring the fun back as the previous events have been gloomy. Evil Hit appeared to have succeeded in his mission to end the life of Son Goku. He was able to do so with a solitary punch.

Dragon Ball Super?Episode 72 Recap

Episode 72 of Dragon Ball Super was titled titled “Will There Be A Counterattack?! The Invisible Killing Strike.” Fans have mourned the alleged death of Son Goku. Even his sons, Goten and Gohan, were on his side.

Goten and Gohan seemed hopeless. They were able to get into where their father was thanks to Piccolo. But fans find it impossible to believe that Son Goku is really gone.

Several fans believe that Son Goku is still alive. It is possible that he will appear in Dragon Ball Super Episode 73. The upcoming episode is titled “Gohan’s Disaster! Great Saiyaman’s Unbelievable Movie Adaptation?!”.

A promo video for the next chapter was recently released. The clip shows Gohan in his Great Saiyaman outfit. Gohan recently took a break from his long study routine.

Gohan will reportedly act as a stuntman for a tremendously dangerous movie scene. Fans predict that he will appear in the movie as his own self.

Another famous character that will be featured in the upcoming episode is Jaco. Spoilers claim that he will be distracted during a patrol. He escorts a notorious space criminal Watagasshu. As he does, he stops by a space ramen house.

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The upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode 73 is slated to be released on January 7. Tune in only?here at TheBitbag for more Dragon Ball Super news and updates.

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