Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Recap and Episode 73 Spoilers: Gohan To Show Up As A Stuntman, Jaco Set To Appear

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 was gloomy thanks to the evil plans of Hit. The assassin was hired to end the life of Son Goku. It was made to appear that he was able to accomplish the plan last week with a solitary punch.

Dragon Ball Super episode 72 titled ?Will There Be A Counterattack?! The Invisible Killing Strike? kicked off with teary Goten and Gohan. They were at their father?s side. Piccolo helped them get into where their father was and no one could believe that Son Goku is gone.

But on second thought, Son Goku could still be alive. Gohan learns that the Saiyan did not shoot one of his powerful ki blasts away from the hired assassin. Son Goku launched the energy into the sky and it was a wise move.

As a result, the energy falls back. It finds its way back to Son Goku?s body. And so the beloved Saiyan returns to the world of the living.

Hit opted to leave when he learned that he failed to execute this plan to kill Son Goku. But he promised that he will be back. Meanwhile, Chi-Chi vows to go after anyone who dares hurt Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 Spoilers

Title for Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 was revealed to be “Gohan made an appearance in a movie!? Spoilers for the upcoming episode reveal that Gohan will show up as a stuntman. Fans can expect to see a tremendously dangerous movie scene.

The next episode is also bound to feature another popular character. That is no other than Jaco. Spoilers claim that the said character is escorting a notorious space criminal, Watagasshu. As he does, he will stop by a space ramen house.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 73 is slated to air on January 8 prior to the beginning of a new arc. Tune in only here at TheBitbag for more DBS news and updates.Keep it here at TheBitbag for more DBS news and updates.


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