Dragon Ball Super Episode 72 Preview: Goku Will Be In Trouble!

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Dragon Ball Super episode 72 is all set to hit the television screen with. Goku will be beaten up badly in the upcoming episode of Dragon Ball Super.

The preview trailer for episode 71 Counterattack!? An Unforeseen Assassination Technique has teased a fight. Goku will die and he will come back to life after some time. In the preview trailer, fans heard Gohan narrating the story. Son Goku wants to beat Hit. But Hit?s invisible punch will be too bad.

Fans will come to know who planned to kill Goku. ?Dragon Ball fans are not ready to accept Gou?s death. “Strangely enough, I do not think that Hit is even going to try to kill Goku. From what we saw during the Universe 6 tournament arc Hit has respect for Goku and probably wants to test his strength against him again in a no holds barred fight. Hence, Hit may see any assassin method other than close range combat as not being honorable,? a fan wrote on social media.

Gowasu Hired Hit To Kill Goku?

There is a possibility of Dragon Ball Super upcoming episode making Gowasu a villain. It may be Gowasu who hired Hit to kill Goku. He is angry with Goku for killing Zamasu. Gowasu needed Zamasu to serve him.

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?Goku will die fast. Hit won’t even let him PowerUp gonna do Goku dirty like a ninja. Then we will find out it was Hit’s Master that ordered Hit to assassinate Goku cause of Hits loss at the tournament. Arc begins Vegeta and the gang go to get the Dragon balls to bring back Dead Goku. At least that would be Epic and fun,? a fan?s theory reads.

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It also looks like Vados is hiding something. She may not be the true villain. She is following someone’s order. The upcoming episode will end all these speculations by revealing the identity of the villain.


According to Yibada, Dragon Ball Super Universal Survival Arc will be ready to be aired in February. ?It will also have a new theme song titled Gentaki Toppa x Survivor by Kiyoshi Hikawa.

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