Dragon Ball Super Episode 70 Air Date & Spoilers: Hit Assassinates Son Goku; Gohan To Unlock True Powers

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Dragon Ball Super episode 70 is expected to be a filler episode. The filler episode is bound to air before the new arc enters a whole new level. It is speculated that the arrival of a major villain is happening soon.

The said enemy is one that is named Hit. Spoilers suggest that the upcoming episode 70 of Dragon Ball Super will be a baseball match. It should be noted that this episode is not a form of a metaphor.

Fans can expect that more revelations are about to come. Dragon Ball Super episode 70 might see the arrival of Hit during the baseball tournament. The main intent of Hit is to kill the lead character, Son Goku.

It will be interesting to see how Hit accomplishes his plans. But it seems someone is behind his motive to kill Son Goku. Who could the mastermind be?

Latest Dragon Ball Super news suggests that the new arc Hit Saga will commence on the next episode. Another news that fuels the excitement of fans is that Dragon Ball Super episode 70 will see Gohan taking over as Goku deals with Hit’s plans assassinate him.

This means there is a huge chance that Gohan will be seen returning to a battle form. There are rumors claiming that the assassination of Son Goku will be the major reason of Gohan to unlock his true powers. Dragon Ball Super episode 70 is slated to air on December 11.

Dragon Ball Super TV Series Theme Song

Other Dragon Ball Super news claims that a song by the Japanese band The Collectors will be the seventh ending theme song for the TV series. That is specifically their upcoming new song, “An Evil Angel and Righteous Devil.? The band?s new album was released on Dec. 7, 2016.

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Fans can listen to the new song for Dragon Ball Super TV series starting in January. The song may debut on Jan. 8 2016 with episode 73. The anime series will be on a hiatus the week prior for a New Year’s celebration parade.

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