Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Recap: Bulma Recreates Time Machine, Goku Collects Dragon Balls

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Dragon Ball Super will be having a filler episode. While many are excited, some fans could not get the point of Dragon Ball Super Episode 68. Fans are quick to assume that it is going to be a prequel to the upcoming Future Gohan and Trunks episode.

The prequel to the Future Gohan and Trunks episode has been officially confirmed. It is all set to be released on December 17th.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 Recap

Dragon Ball Super Episode 68 sees Bulma at Capsule Corporation. She is secretly working to re-create the time machine. Re-creating the time machine is a serious crime and Bulma is fully aware of it.

Bulma has a blue crystal but it is not working. The time machine needs a blue crystal to perform. The reason why Bulma?s blue crystal is not working is due to the fact that it came from the future timeline.

She was successful in locating the same prototype of the crystal from the future timeline. However, it can only be seen at the Earth’s core.

Goku Collects Dragon Balls

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 68, Goku collects all the Dragon Balls and resurrects them. That is his promise to Kaio, Bubbles, and Gregory.

Goku teleports to Bulma’s place. He intends to borrow the Dragon Ball Tracker. Bulma was surprised to see Goku. The latter turned the lights off so he could not see the time machine.

Surprises for Bulma kept on coming as even Wis and Beerus visited her in her house. They were hoping to eat good food. Bulma opted to bring her visitors to a restaurant. Meanwhile, Goku has gathered all the Dragon Balls and is summoning Shenlong.

In other Dragon Ball Super news, Dragon Ball Fusion Online Features have been released for fans in North America. Fans in the Europe, on the other hand, need to wait until February.

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