Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Spoilers: Trunks and Goku Take On Zamasu and Black; Black?s Identity is Revealed

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Dragon Ball Super 57 Spoilers

Episode 56 just debunked almost every theory about Black (except for the Black is a god theory). With Vegeta severely injured, Trunks and Goku are the ones left to face off with Zamasu and Black. From the looks of it, this battle will be massive and epic. Hera are Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Spoilers.

Future Mai and the Resistance

Seeing Trunk?s reaction when he saw that Mai was fine, is also every viewer?s reaction. The heart-warming scene of of Mai and Trunks? reunion is giving us all the lovey-dovey feels. Trunks could not contain his happiness and starts to tear up.

Also another touching scene was when Trunks cheered up Mai by making the kids laugh and Vegeta joining in and setting up a feast for the survivors. These survivors, including Mai are now in high spirits thanks the trio, Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta.

Black and Zamasu

These past episodes up to the reappearance of Black in this episode, lead us to believe that Zamasu is Black, especially with how Black talks. Black says, ?How sad this world looks, however, I can see the future of this world without the intervention of insects called human.? Sounds like Zamasu right?

Stubborn Vegeta, insisting on battling Black alone in his Super Saiyan Blue left him with a stab on his chest by one of Black?s Super Saiyan Rose ability. Black was able to manifest his Ki into a sword, piercing Vegeta. Goku takes over and Zamasu emerges from the sky. Ending all speculations that Black is Zamasu.?Could he be a puppet though?

It was revealed that Black is working with Zamasu and he seems to be Zamasu?s pawn. More about Black?s identity and Zamasu?s plan will definitely be revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 57. As the title suggest, Advent of the Immortal God, Zamasu, will delve into Zamasu?s intentions and the kind of world he seeks to build.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 57


Rumor has it that Beerus and Whis might join in the fight as this now involves immortal god, Zamasu. Can Goku and Trunks take on Zamasu and Black, who are god level? Will Goku have another transformation to surpass Super Saiyan Rose?

We?d like to hear your theories, post them in the comments section below.

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