?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 57 Preview: Son Goku Will Beat Black Goku And Zamasu?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 is getting ready to hit the television screen. The preview for the next episode is already out. Here you can check out the details.

In the preview, fans can see Son Goku getting ready to have a big fight with Black Goku. Future Trunks says Son Goku to beat Zamasu before starting a fight with Black Goku. Because in his opinion, Zamasu is allied with Black Goku. The preview has clearly shown that Zamasu really has a bad intention of troubling everyone.

Looking at the preview, fans are widely discussing the plot of the upcoming episode. One fan has commented that Black Goku is Zamasu?s creation. But others are not ready to accept this theory. A fan has speculated that Zamasu is a kai from one of the destroyed universes. Black Goku was the reason why the destroyed universes got destroyed. “The king of gods governs 6 universes on the kai side and has nothing to do with the god of destruction, he only ranks on the kai side. Zamasu is coming into the story to tell the heroes how to beat Black because he cannot die by traditional means. We have a full ranking from the god of destruction to the zeno may the king of gods is to fill in the gap between the kais to zeno,? a fan posted his theory on Youtube.

Another impressive theory about Zamasu says that Zamasu is evil. He knew that ?Goku, Whis and Beerus will come to meet him. So, he purposefully created a villain to fight against Goku. He has only one potara earring. ??The reason why he only has one earring is because the gods have several sets of earrings and he changes the earring from one that causes fusion to one where he can increase his power to surpass his opponent when he get the ?Ring of Time.? Seeing that Saiyans have the ability to get stronger after major injuries, this works very well with the potara that he is using,? the theory reads.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 titled ?Dragon Ball Super: Advent of the Immortal God, Zamasu? will be aired on Sunday, September 4, on Fuji TV.

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