Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 Spoilers: Goku To Meet Omni-King; Latter Gives Information About Black’s Location?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 is rumored to not air next week, but still, there are already spoilers surfacing about the installment and things are indeed getting interesting as Goku is about to talk with the Omni-King, Zeno.

According to a Facebook post, the next episode of the anime series is not going to be released this Sunday, instead, it is going to hit the web on August 21. So, with a lot of time at hand, we could use it to speculate why the Omni-King wishes to talk to Son Goku.

It can be recalled that back in episode 54, Vegeta started to train Future Trunks so the latter will have enough strength to face Goku Black. Also, at the end of the installment, Whis and Beerus was surprised as they received a message from Zeno stating that he wants to meet Goku.

Now, in the upcoming episode titled ?I want to see Son Goku, A Request from Zeno-sama,? Beerus is going to send Goku to where Zeno is. The God of Destruction is terrified and will start thinking why does the Omni-King want to see the Saiyan. With that question hanging around, it sparked a lot of speculations from the viewers.

One particular prediction states that in Dragon Ball Super Episode 55, Zeno will give Goku details about Black. It would include his location and the real identity of the villain. However, contrary to that one, there are some who believe that the Omni-King does not mind Black roaming around the 12 Universes. That would somehow make a sense, because if Black?s existence does bother him, he could have easily eliminated him from that start.

From these two speculations, there is a better chance for the first one to be true because the episode 56 is titled ?The Rematch of Goku vs Black! Super Saiyan Rose appears!!,? which would give the thought that Goku has finally located the villain.

Aside from giving key information about Black, there also a speculation that Zeno will talk about the upcoming Omni Tournament, which will feature fighters from the 12 Universes. It can be recalled that when the Champa Tournament concluded, the Omni-King also appeared and expressed his desire to see Goku and the others in a tournament that would include warriors from different regions.

How about you? What do you think is the purpose of Zeno for calling out Goku? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. As mentioned, Dragon Ball Super Episode 55 is expected to air on August 21 not on the 14th.

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