?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 55 “Inheritor of Saiyan Blood – Trunks’ Resolve”: What Will Happen?

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Dragon Ball Super Spoilers

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 55 is postponed to next Sunday. Fans have one more week to guess what will happen in episode 55 titled “Inheritor of Saiyan Blood – Trunks’ Resolve”. This episode will keep Son Goku and Omi-King in limelight.

“After receiving a message from the Omni-King that he wants to meet with Son Goku, the God of Destruction Beerus orders Goku to go to the Omni-King at once. If the Omni-King is displeased, the entire universe might be wiped out… But despite Beerus being beside himself with worry, Goku is totally carefree, or rather seems to find the whole thing a nuisance. What could be the Omni-King’s true motives for summoning Goku?” the official synopsis of Dragon Ball Super episode 55 reads, according to Yibada.

Son Goku will go to meet Omni-king. But ?the agenda of their meeting is still unknown. On social media, ?some fans are saying that Son Goku will have a big fight with Omni-King. But many have rejected that speculation. Beerus may ask Son Goku to follow whatever Omni-King tells him. According to a fan?s theory, Omni-King wants to make Son Goku the new God of Destruction of Universe 7. Beerus may die or retire from his role. Omni-King will order Grand to train Son Goku.

?In fact, Zamasu has the plans to kill ?Black Goku. But it is not possible for him. So, he will increase the power of Gohan. But finally, it will be Future Trunks who will end the evil acts of Black Goku. ?Future trunks arc is following the same script as the dbz Buu arc. both arcs have or will have a new Kai involved (Supreme Kai in the buu arc and obviously Zamasu here ). Each Arc starts or will start with Gohan being perceived as a weakling due to lack of training And finally both arcs have the foreshadow of Gohan wanting to become stronger,? his post reads.

Black Goku?s identity is yet to be revealed. Zamasu and Black Goku are enemies. There is one speculation that Black Goku is also a God of Destruction. Because he destroyed many universes. Only Gods of Destruction can do such powerful acts.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 55 titled “Inheritor of Saiyan Blood – Trunks’ Resolve” will be aired on ?Sunday, ?Aug. 21, on Fuji TV.

Dragon Ball fans, you can share your theories below.

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