?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 54 Preview Trailer: Vegeta Will Train Trunks?

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Dragon Ball Super

?Dragon Ball Super? episode 54 will show our favorite heroes? efforts to defeat Black Goku. In the preview trailer, fans can see Vegeta. Vegeta will give some training to Trunks in future. Zamasu and Black have similar ki. The heroes are aware of it, but they do not have enough evidence to prove that Zamasu and Black Goku are the same.

Fans are saying that Zamasu and Black Goku are not the same. In fact, Black Goku is Zamasu?s big enemy. He destroyed the universes without any reason. In the latest episode, Son Goku met Zamasu in the universe 10. But their meeting was not a pleasant one. Everyone is thinking that Zamasu is a bad guy. Son Goku also having the same thought. So he wants to fight with Zamasu. But in future, Zamasu and Son Goku Will join hands to defeat Black Goku.

Goku? hidden power will be enhanced by Zamasu. ??Future trunks arc is following the same script as the dbz Buu arc. both arcs have or will have a new Kai involved (Supreme Kai in the buu arc and obviously Zamasu here ). Each Arc starts or will start with Gohan being perceived as a weakling due to lack of training And finally both arcs have the foreshadow of Gohan wanting to become stronger,? a fan wrote on social media. Zamasu?s costumes could be related to Supreme Kai.

Black Goku?s identity is still a mystery. He has the time ring. Only Kaioshins were able to use Time Ring. ?When his ki did not work, he took the help of Time Ring in Episode 49.

According to fan theories, Black Goku is an older and alternative version of Goten. He may be the God of Destruction from another universe. There is an evidence to support this claim. There were 18 universes, but now only 12 are existing. Black Goku destroyed the universes. Only God of Destructions can destroy universes.

?From your very first look at him, he?s just bad to the bone. I?ll only say one thing about the end of the new chapter?s first episode, but this should say it all: it?s enough to make you go ?there?s no way they can win,? Takeshi Kusao, who has voiced Trunk, revealed about the character Black Goku.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 54 ?will be hitting the television screen on Sunday August 7, on Fuji TV.

Here you can watch ?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 54 ?preview trailer:



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