“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 54: Future Trunks Will Defeat Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 54 is likely to feature a big fight. Future Trunks is gaining the power to beat Black Goku. Vegeta is all set to train Future Trunks.

Black Goku?s identity is still unknown. Some fans are speculating that Black Goku is a Kaioshin. ??Remember future trunks talking about some kaioshin who helped him defeating Dabura and Babidi? Maybe that Kaioshin is Black Goku. If the time ring’s origin is the future (like Whis said), that Kaioshin of the future must be Zamasu of the future. In the present, Zamasu hates the humans until he met Goku. In the future, Goku is already dead, so if the Kaioshin of the future is Zamasu, he still hates the humans,? a fan commented on social media.

Son Goku is also waiting for an opportunity to kill Black Goku. He will get that opportunity too. But Son Goku will die while fighting with Black Goku, according to GAMENGUIDE. ?Trunks timeline is different and Zamasu could become black there and destroy everything. In that timeline he killed his master and took his stuff. He doesn’t need timetravel for anything, and the ring didn’t let him stay for very long anyway. I don’t think he can travel at will, also it doesn’t seem he has a way back to this time. The biggest problem with every theory is with how he looks and it seems that he never met a Goku this strong as Black,? another fan shared his theory.

In the last episode, fans saw Son Goku fighting with Zamasu. Zamasu Was defeated by Son Goku. According to Dragon Ball Super followers, Zamasu wants to kill Black Goku. Because he has destroyed many universes. There were 18 universes, but now only 12 are existing. Zamasu will try to fight alone against Black Goku. ?But he will realize that it?s impossible to defeat Black Goku. Later he will start supporting ?the heroes. Now fans are clear that Zamasu is from Universe 10. There is a possibility of Gohan helping ?Future Trunks in beating Black Goku.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 54 ?will be aired on Sunday August 7, on Fuji TV.

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