?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 53 Spoilers: Black Goku?s Identity To Be Revealed? Plus Wild Gohan Theories!

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Dragon Ball Super Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super fans will get to know more about the character Gohan in the upcoming episode. The fans are already posting theories about Gohan on social media. Here you can check them out.

Gohan is the decent character. He never wanted to fight. But in the future, he may get involved in fights. According to a fan?s theory, Gohan had the worst childhood. His father Goku had no time for him. Gohan has learned the lessons from his childhood. He wants to become a better father and a great family man. ?Think about it, he had to survive in the wilderness after his dad died, he saw his only friend Piccolo die in front of him, he got his neck snapped and beaten multiple times by people like Frieza Recoome and Vegeta, he had to be pushed to the brink to unlock a new transformation to surpass his father and then he lost his father again to Cell. After that I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t want to fight just in case Pan doesn’t have to go through it like he did,? a fan commented on YouTube.

Another theory says that Gohan is knowingly or ?unknowingly the main motivator of future Trunks. He will be helping future Trunks in defeating Black Goku. ?Trunks goes back to the future after this arc is over and if Mai is still alive they would have a kid and name him Gohan out of respect for his mentor, that would be a dope way to show Homage and show how powerful of an impact he has on Trunks and at the end of the day Gohan is responsible for Trunks being the fighter and having the will that he has in the future and the newfound will to get stronger and defeat BLACK, Gohan was the Bad Ass everybody wants in the future,? another fan shared his theory.

Gohan?s mission to defeat Black Goku can be completed easily. Because he will get support from Black Goku?s ?enemies. ?As revealed by the previous episodes, Goku and Son Goku wants to kill him. Zamasu is also waiting to take revenge on Black Goku for destroying the universe.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 53 titled ??Reveal Black?s True Identity! Now, to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10!? will be aired on June 31, 2016 on Fuji TV.

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