Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Preview Teased A Big Fight: Goku And Zamasu Will Beat Each Other?

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?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 53 is going to feature a big fight between Goku and Zamasu. ?The upcoming episode is titled as ?”Reveal Black’s True Identity! Now, to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10!”. The preview for the next episode has showed some powerful action scenes. In the preview, one can find Beerus, Whis and Goku reaching the Universe 10. They will confront Zamasu. Goku gives some powerful punches to Zamasu.But Zamasu is also strong. He will fight back courageously.

?After realizing that Black has the same ki as Zamasu, Universe 10?s apprentice Kaioshin, the God of Destruction Beerus and his attendant Whis head to Universe 10 together with Goku. In order to verify his ki, Goku challenges Zamasu (who distrusts humanity) to a battle, but..,? the synopsis for the upcoming episode says.

Zamasu Can Beat All The Heroes?

Zamasu?s past is yet to be revealed, but fans have pointed out that Zamasu?s costumes gives an idea that he has some connection with Supreme Kai. Dragon Ball Super follower has given a theory about King Zamasu.

?Future trunks arc is following the same script as the dbz Buu arc. both arcs have or will have a new Kai involved (Supreme Kai in the buu arc and obviously Zamasu here ). Each Arc starts or will start with Gohan being perceived as a weakling due to lack of training And finally both arcs have the foreshadow of Gohan wanting to become stronger,? his post reads. A fan has speculated that ?Zamasu will boost Gohan?s hidden power. So, Goku will stand equal to Beerus and Whis.

Zamasu may defeat Black Goku. He is desperately waiting to take revenge on Black Goku. Because Black Goku destroyed many universes with his evil act. Zamasu may help Goku and team in future even though their first meet was not great. Shin-ichiro Miki will be voicing the character Zamasu.

?Dragon Ball Super? episode 53 titled ?”Reveal Black’s True Identity! Now, to the Kaioshin Realm of Universe 10!” will be aired on June 24, 2016 on Fuji TV.

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