Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Preview: Black Goku’s Identity Finally Revealed?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Preview

Dragon Ball Super fans are undoubtedly disappointed because there will be no new Dragon Ball Super episode airing today. While the next episode will air next week, this Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 preview could help satisfy your DBS craving at least until next Sunday. The upcoming episode looks to be extremely exciting as it is rumored that the identity of Black Goku may finally be revealed.

Just a warning though, there will be some major Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Spoilers below so proceed at your own risk.

The action in Dragon Ball Super is certainly heating up and fans are looking forward to Episode 53 which will be airing on July 31, 2016. The title already tells a lot about what we can expect in the upcoming episode.

According to AnimeFeeds, Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 is entitled ?Revealed! Black?s True Identity?. This is certainly going to be a very interesting episode as DBS fans have been wondering about the origins of the new villain.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Spoilers

Rumors have it that in the upcoming episode, Son Goku will be travelling to Universe 10 with Beerus and Whis. There they will reportedly find Zamasu who is said to be the person behind Black Goku. This scenario is certainly going to shock many DBS fans. It is quite possible though given that Black Goku has the same ki as Zamasu.

According to rumors, Black Goku may just be using a vessel and that he is not actually a Saiyan. The question as to what Black Goku really is will definitely be the next question that DBS fans will be wondering about.

While it is revealed that Zamasu is indeed behind Black Goku, the reason why he is wreaking havoc is still a big mystery. It remains to be seen if this is going to be revealed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 but fans will certainly watch out for it once the episode airs.

Will Son Goku, Beerus and Whis have enough strength to take down Zamasu and Black Goku? Who will be able to stop the evil villain from eliminating the Saiyan race? Be sure to check out Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 to find out the answers.

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