Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Spoilers: Trunks to Convince Gohan to Fight Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 is definitely one action packed episode of the hit anime that you should not miss. Dragon Ball Super has really hit its stride recently as more and more details about the villain Black Goku is revealed over the past couple of episodes. DBS Episode 51 focused on Future Trunks and Mai but the upcoming episode may see another character gearing up for action. If you are looking for Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Spoilers then you have come to the right place.

According to Breathecast, DBS Episode 52 will revolve around Future Trunks and Gohan. The episode itself is entitled ?Master and Pupil Reunion: Son Gohan and Future Trunks? which certainly tells everyone what the focus of the episode will be.
With the threat of Black Goku eliminating the Saiyan race, Future Trunks will likely try to convince Gohan to take on the new villain. This is certainly something that was rumored to happen in the past but this time around we may finally see it happening.

It has previously been reported by TheBitBag that Goku will be easily defeated by Black Goku which certainly fits with the spoiler that Gohan may be the next opponent of the mysterious new villain. It will be interesting to see though how Gohan will be able to take on the challenge of fighting an enemy who looks exactly like his father.

Will Future Trunks be able to convince Gohan to fight Black Goku? Will Gohan have enough strength to take on the extremely strong villain? Be sure not to miss Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 to find out the answer to these big questions.

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