Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Spoilers: Goku to Travel to the Future to Defeat Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super episode 52 spoilers revealed that Goku will travel to the future in order to confront and defeat Black Goku. Black Goku is the recently introduced villain in the Future Trunks arc in Dragon Ball Super and so far he has been a huge problem for our heroes.

In the previous episodes, you will remember that Black Goku already destroyed the time machine, which was used by Future Trunks to go back in time. While this would make the situation all the more challenging for our heroes, there have been some buzz on the DBS subreddit that there may be another time machine in the Capsule Corp. building.

If there is really a time machine, Goku and the rest of the Z fighters will be able to go into the future to take on Black Goku. It has not been revealed how exactly will they be able to do this but surely knowing more about the villain will be the key. According to Sportsrageous, the identity of Black Goku will soon be revealed, particularly in episode 53, so certainly the lead up to the big revelation will happen in Dragon Ball Super episode 52.

At the moment not much is known about Black Goku and why he is so focused on eliminating the Saiyan race. There have been a lot of speculation about his origins, but fans will find the truth soon enough in Dragon Ball Super episode 53.

Dragon Ball Super has become one of the most talked about anime nowadays. The hit TV show has become even better after every episode. Fans surely have rekindled their love for the highly popular Dragon Ball franchise.

Will Goku be able to find a time machine in order to travel to the future to defeat Black Goku? Will the new super villain have any weaknesses? Be sure not to miss Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 and enjoy some great anime action from the comfort of your own home.

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