Dragon Ball Super Episode 52 Spoilers : Goku Is Killed By Someone? Who Will Beat Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super Spoilers

?Dragon Ball Super? episode 52 titled “Master and Pupil Reunion: Son Gohan and Future Trunks” is getting ready to hit the television screen. The preview for the next episode has shown Gohan.

Beerus ?and Whis will be behind Black Goku?s ki. They will go to Universe 10 to dig out more about Ki. Future Trunks will be meeting Gohan. Trunks wants to thank Gohan. But he will be surprised to see Gohan. Because Gohan will look different from what Trunk had imagined. We have noticed an interesting twist at the end of the preview. Goku was spotted lying on the floor and Gohan was trying to wake him up. Tears are falling from Gohan?s eyes. Did anyone beat Goku? Or is he died? ?Only the upcoming episode can answer these questions.

?Bulma hurries to repair the time machine and comprehends its energy.. Meanwhile, the Trunks from the future goes to meet Gohan, who had been his master in the world of the future. However, Trunks is bewildered to find that the Gohan who shows up is completely different than the one he knew,? the official synopsis for the episode 52 reads, according to Gojiitaaf. ?

Who Will Kill Black Goku?

In episode 50, Goku and Son Goku tried to defeat Black Goku. In fact, Son Goku gave a powerful punch to Black Goku. But that was not enough for Black Goku. Gohan is the dead enemy of Black Goku. He may ?kill the Black Goku in the future.

Few fans are speculating that Zamasu will end Black Goku?s evil acts. He wants to take revenge on Black Goku for destroying universes. Black Goku?s identity will be revealed in Episode 53.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 51 titled ?Master and Pupil Reunion: Son Gohan and Future Trunks” will be aired on Sunday, June 17, on Fuji TV.

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