Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers: Zamasu Will Kill Black Goku?

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?Dragon Ball Super? will welcome a new character King Zamasu. This awesome guy was seen in the preview for one of the episodes. However, his past is yet to be revealed. There is a big possibility of King Zamasu killing Black Goku or inspiring Heroes to beat Black Goku. Here you can check out the theories about the character King Zamasu.

Youtube channel UnrealEntGaming has speculated that Zamasu is not a bad guy. Someone has troubled him. Due to that experience, he might try to do bad things. Later, he starts helping others and governs Universe 7. He is more powerful than the Gods of Destruction, Beerus and Champa. ?

Dragon Ball Super Zamasu

Dragon Ball Super Zamasu

A Dragon Ball Super follower has given another theory about King Zamasu. He has posted that ?Zamasu will enhance Gohan’s hidden power. So, Goku will stand equal to Beerus and Whis. ??Future trunks arc is following the same script as the dbz Buu arc. both arcs have or will have a new Kai involved (Supreme Kai in the buu arc and obviously Zamasu here ). Each Arc starts or will start with Gohan being perceived as a weakling due to lack of training And finally both arcs have the foreshadow of Gohan wanting to become stronger,? his post reads. Zamasu?s costumes could be related to Supreme Kai.

One more theory has speculated that Zamasu is a Kai from one of the destroyed universes. It was Black Goku who destroyed many universes. Zamasu wants to end Black Goku?s evil acts. But he can not do it alone. So, he will go to Heroes and help them in killing Black Goku.

Shin-ichiro Miki will be voicing the character Zamasu. He had voiced for other popular characters like James from Pokemon, Urahara from Bleach and Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 51 titled ?Feeling That Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai? will be aired on Sunday, June 10, on Fuji TV.

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