Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers: Can Future Trunks Save Mai From Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 is surely one episode which fans of the anime is excited about. The past few episodes have shown just how formidable of an enemy Black Goku really is. Not a lot is known about Black Goku as we do not even know where he came from and why he is on a villainous path. I am sure we will know more about Black Goku?s identity in the coming episodes. For now, DBS fans are likely looking for Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 spoilers and if you are one of them you have found the right spot.

Just a warning though, there may be some huge Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 spoilers below so proceed at your own risk.

DBS Episode 51 is entitled ?Feeling That Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai? and according to Sportsrageous, the episode will likely revolve around the two. The trailer for the episode shows Future Trunks telling Mai about everything, including the fact that she fought with him against Black Goku in the future timeline.

Black Goku has killed Mai in the future but this time around Future Trunks may have a chance to stop the same thing from happening in the present timeline. Hall of Fame Mag mentions that Mai could do a lot of hiding during Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 as she will definitely need to do her best to stay alive until Future Trunks gets the chance to rescue her.


Will Future Trunks be able to stop Black Goku from killing Mai this time around? Who is Black Goku and where exactly did he come from? The answers to these questions are surely going to be answered in Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 and in succeeding DBS episodes so be sure to check it out!

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