‘Dragon Ball Super Episode 51’ Spoilers: Black Goku?s Identity To Be Revealed?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 51
Dragon Ball Super Episode 51

With Son Goku and Black Goku fighting in the Dragon Ball Super, things are getting pretty exciting and fans are now impatiently waiting for the next in line Episode 51 of this popular anime television series.

Toei Animation released the trailer of The Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 and the preview reveals that things will get even more darker as Black Goku will continue to destroy Earth in the future. Despite that, as the title of Episode 51, ?Feelings That Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai? reveals, a silver lining emerges as the Trunks and Mai romance will be restored despite the huge time difference. Future Trunks will be reunited with Mai from the present in the upcoming episode, according to

Fans may recall that Episode 49 showed that Future Mai was attacked by Black Goku and hence she was not able to time travel with Future Trunks to seek help from Son Goku and Vegeta.

As Future Mai was badly hit by the attacks of Black Goku, she decided to let Future Trunks travel alone. It seems like the lovebirds are going to be reunited in the upcoming Episode 51 as the Present Mai meets Future Trunks. The trailer revealed Future Trunks and Present Mai looking at each other with Mai instantly blushing upon seeing Future Trunks looking at her straight in the eyes. However, the Present Trunks felt bothered after seeing the romantic connection between Future Trunks and Present Mai.

But their romance seems short lived since towards the end of the preview trailer, Goku Black can be seen launching beams and destroying the place and we get to see future Mai trying to hide. And it appears that Goku Black is able to locate Mai. Can Trunks travel into the future and save Mai? Will Black Goku use Mai to stop Trunks?

Meanwhile, fans are also interested in the identity of Black Goku and Movie.News.Guide seems to have a possible clue to who he might be. According to the website, Black Goku could be the Supreme Kai. Since ?Goku could not eliminate Black Goku even after transforming into his Super Saiyan form two in the previous episode, it seems likely that this theory is right.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51

Black Goku and Mata Mia

Moreover, Black Goku is wearing Potara earrings and a Time Ring. The different colored Potara earrings usually worn by the Supreme Kais and their attendants. In addition, Whis had previously explained that the ring Black Goku is wearing is called a Time Ring and only Supreme Kais are allowed to use it.

The preview released for Episode 51 shows that Goku is saying, ?Hey, this is Goku! What?s Wrong Trunks?? Then someone adds, ?Huh?! In the future you fought alongside the adult version of that kid?!? The preview ends with someone saying, ?And there?s whole bunch of other people opposing Black?! Then we?d hurry up and go take Black down!?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 titled ?Feelings That Transcend Time: Trunks and Mai? airs Sunday, July 10 on Fuji TV.

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