Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers: Black Goku’s Identity to be Revealed Soon?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super is just getting better and better after every episode. With the action escalating every episode, fans have been looking forward to what will happen next in the storyline. The Future Trunks arc has been very entertaining to say the least, with the appearance of Black Goku certainly making things very intriguing. With all that has happened over the past week, fans must surely be craving for Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 Spoilers. If this is what you are looking for then you are certainly in luck.

According to Yibada, more information about the identity of Black Goku could be coming in the next few weeks. At the moment there is not much known about the extremely strong villain. No one knows exactly where he came from and what his true purpose is. The recent report though suggests that DBS will be revealing more information about his identity very soon.

This is due to the fact that the titles for the next four episodes have been leaked. According to Hall of Fame Mag, Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 is entitled Black?s Identity Revealed which can certainly give us an idea of what to expect.

Though Episode 53 is still a couple of weeks away, one Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 spoiler that you can probably expect is that more and more details will surface about Black Goku as he continues to take on our heroes. While the big reveal may be happening in Episode 53, surely DBS will slowly be building things up by dropping hints about Black Goku?s origin.


What is your theory about Black Goku? Will our heroes have enough strength to beat Black Goku for good? Be sure to check out the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 to find out the answer. Also check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Dragon Ball Super Episode 51 and other trending stories in the world of anime.



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