Dragon Ball Super Episode 50: Who Will Be Able to Beat Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 50

Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 is expected to be one exciting episode. That is the reason why countless fans are eagerly waiting to watch the upcoming episode of the anime. Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 was a great one, and it set the tone for the upcoming episode, which will be airing soon.

In Episode 49, the strength of Black Goku is really something that our heroes did not anticipate. This has already been evident in the previous episodes, and it may reach a new climax in Episode 50. As previously reported by GameNGuide, Black Goku may end up becoming too powerful for Goku. This could result in the tragic death of Goku at the hands of the new villain.

This spoiler has not yet been confirmed though it has already popped up in several sources. If it turns out to be indeed true, the next question that is surely going to be asked by DBS fans is, who will be powerful enough to defeat Black Goku?

Australia News Network has previously reported that Monaka might be one character who can beat Black Goku. Another scenario that was raised by the report is that a fusion between Goku and Vegeta may be the key to defeating the villain. The latter rumor though became a bit more unlikely given the recent reports that Goku will be defeated by Black Goku easily.

Not to be left behind, Gohan could likewise rise to the occasion and take on the evil version of his father. This may be a very dramatic turn of events as facing a villain who looks exactly like his father is not going to be easy for him.

So, who do you think has the strength and will to defeat Black Goku? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments field below.

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