Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Spoilers: Will Goku Kill Black Goku?

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?Dragon Ball Super? episode 50 “Goku vs. Goku Black! The Path to the Sealed Future!” will feature a battle between Goku and Black Goku. The preview has shown the glimpses of the big fight. In fact, Dragon Ball Super fans were waiting for this action episode since many days.

According ?to Yibada, in the preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 50 Goku was seen confronting Black Goku. The surprising twist is Goku will be transformed into Super Saiyan. Son Goku looks very powerful. He will punch Black Goku. But Son Goku?s punch will not be enough for Black Goku. He will come back once again. To know who will win the battle you must watch the episode 50.

Christian Times has reported that the battle between Goku and Black will be concluded in Episode 50. Because Episode 51 has to focus on the relationship of Future Trunks with Mai. In episode 52 we will get to know more about the character Gohan. That episode will be titled as “Gohan and Future Trunks.” The black Goku?s identity will be revealed in Episode 53, for which you are eagerly waiting.

?You can feel in your bones just how evil Black is? it?s incredible. From your very first look at him, he?s just bad to the bone. I?ll only say one thing about the end of the new chapter?s first episode, but this should say it all: it?s enough to make you go ?there?s no way they can win,? Takeshi Kusao, who has voiced Trunk, shared what he knew about the character Black Goku. Ecumenical News has reported that a new character is arriving. He will be called as Zamasu. He may be related to another universe which is yet to be explored.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 50 titled ‘Goku vs. Goku Black! The Path to the Sealed Future!’ will be aired on Sunday, June 26, on Fuji TV.

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