Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Spoilers; See Leaked Titles for Episode 50-53 Here

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‘Dragon Ball Super’?is about to get even more exciting as main character Goku battles against ?doppelganger? Black Goku. While the whole anticipated fight reflects the two characters? superpowers, the latest video reveals how Black Goku mainly dominates the fight. The face off will also turn Goku into the fighter that seems to gauge Black Goku?s every move. Although there have been no details about Black Goku?s fighting capacity, rumors suggest that Goku will still be able to beat him if he does turn Super Saiyan.

According to the University Herald, Dragon Ball Super episode 50 also suggests that, if in any case Goku cannot beat Black Goku and ultimately pays the price, this will also bring a new chapter for another character to shine in Dragon Ball Super. While Goku?s death is indeed a possibility, there?s his son Gohan that will eventually take his place and fight Black Goku. The question is, will his power be able to match that of Black Goku and finally bring vengeance?

Meanwhile, Anime Feeds released the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super hailing from episodes 50 to 53. Episode 50 is entitled ?Son Goku vs Black!!? coming July 3, episode 51 entitled ?Mai?s Feelings Across Time? coming July 10, episode 52 entitled ?Gohan and Future Trunks? coming July 17 and episode 53 entitled ?Revealed! Black?s True Identity? coming July 31.

Will Black Goku also turn into a Super Saiyan? Or will he have a distinct power that separates him from the rest of the heroes in Dragon Ball Super? Will we find out during Dragon Ball Super episode 50?

DBS episode 50 reveals a lot about how Goku will meet his fate. But more than the fight that is about to happen between him and Black Goku, is the legacy that he?s about to leave to his son Gohan. Black Goku?s characteristics, on the other hand, points strongly towards being the god of destruction. That leaves fans with the notion that he may not be at all a Super Saiyan.

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