Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Spoilers: Black Goku?s Time Ring And Potara Ring Will Reveal His Identity?

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?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 50 will be very special because it is going to disclose more information about Black Goku. Black Goku has a Time Ring on his finger. It will be spotted by Beerus and Whis.

“Beerus and Whis this week: Taking note of Goku Black’s ring! – Beerus and Whis notice that Goku Black’s wearing a ‘Time Ring’. But originally only Kaioshins were able to use it?!” the preview mentioned, according to Yibada.

In fact, Black Goku had used the Time Ring in Episode 49. He was very angry since he could not identify Future Trunks. His ki was not helping him. So, Black Goku was trying to connect the dots to find the Future Trunks.

At present, fans do not know whether he is Saiyan or not, Design & Trend reported. Fans are speculating that Black Goku is an older and alternative version of Goten, and he is the God of Destruction from another universe, according to Forbes. There were 18 universes, but now only 12 are existing. This could mean that Black Goku destroyed the universes. Only the God of Destruction can destroy universes.

ENSTARZ says that Black Goku will be fusing with the main character Goku at the end of their fight. As we noticed, Black Goku is wearing a Potara earring. This earring has some connection with the plot. The evil characters like Demigra had the similar earring. ??Dragon Ball Super episode 49 featured Future Trunks traveling back in time. Black Goku started attacking Son Goku, sportsrageous reported. The next episode will witness a big fight between Goku and Black Goku.

?Dragon Ball Super? may welcome another character called Zamansu. Shin-ichiro Mikwho will be voicing this character. Zamansu’s costume is somewhere linked to Supreme Kai.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 50 titled ?Goku vs. Goku Black! The Path to the Sealed Future!? will be aired on Sunday, June 26, on Fuji TV.

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