Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Spoilers: Black Goku Defeats Goku in Epic Battle?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super has definitely given anime fans a whole new reason to enjoy the beloved series. This is especially true over the past several episodes as the Future Trunks arc and the appearance of Black Goku has really captured the interest of many DBS fans. Now, fans await the next episode, which is Dragon Ball Super Episode 50. If you want to get the scoop and score some juicy Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 spoilers, then brace yourself as there are several exciting details below.

According to Design & Trend, the much awaited clash between Goku and Black Goku will be featured in Dragon Ball Super Episode 50. This showdown has been building up over the past couple of episodes. In Episode 50, fans will finally see what everyone has been excited about. The same report mentions that the recently released trailer for the upcoming episode gives DBS fans a taste of the action-packed episode.

For fans who are excited about the battle, the outcome, unfortunately, may not end up being to their liking. GameNGuide has reported that Goku could be defeated and killed by Black Goku in Dragon Ball Super Episode 50. This is certainly going to be a big blow to our protagonists, but it may signal a twist in the story that could push another character to the spotlight.

As previously reported, Gohan still remains as a possible opponent for Black Goku and the death of his father may be the spark that will ignite him. Whether he is powerful enough to defeat Black Goku though remains to be seen, and it is certainly something that DBS fans will be excited to watch out for.

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