Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Spoilers: Epic Battle Against Black Goku Finally Happening?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super is certainly one of the most popular anime?s in recent years. It has sparked the interest in the long running Dragon Ball anime and has captured new fans of the show as well. Episode 49 is the next episode which will be airing soon and fans can?t wait to get their fix of Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Spoilers.

Just a word to the wise, there may be some serious Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Spoilers below so proceed at your own risk.

It has been previously reported that Black Goku will once again be featured in the upcoming episode but who he will be facing off with is still a big question. Yibada reports that Gohan could be the right person to square off with Black Goku. The dynamic of Gohan fighting a villain who look exactly like his father is certainly going to be interesting.

Now, a recent report has indicated that it may take a fusion of two popular character to have a chance at defeating Black Goku. Hall of Fame Mag reports that Goku and Vegeta will stand in the way of Black Goku in his search for Future Trunks. This is expected to lead to an amazing battle that will surely be one for the ages.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 is surely going to be an exciting episode. Will Black Goku be able to find Future Trunks? Will a Goku and Vegeta have to band together in order to have a chance at stopping the strongest villain in Dragon Ball Super so far? I guess we will find out soon enough.

Be sure to watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 and enjoy some amazing anime action. Check back here soon to find out more Dragon Ball Super Spoilers as well as other trending topics in the world of anime and manga.

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