Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Spoilers: Black Goku Is Stronger Than Son Goku? A New Character Is Arriving?

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Dragon Ball Super

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 49 is likely to disclose more about Black Goku, the character which is believed to be a big threat. The upcoming episode titled “A Message from the Future! Goku Black Invades!” will show a big fight between Goku and Black Goku.

According to Ecumenical News, Future has a message for the heros. In the preview, we saw Black Goku?s entry with all the power to defeat Son Goku, Vegeta and Trunks. Since Black Goku resembles Goku, the Dragon Ball Super has become more interesting. Looking at Black Goku, Son Goku says, “Hey, it is Goku! What’s wrong, Trunks? I thought the future was at peace.? Goku is totally shocked to hear the entry of someone who looks like him. “What!? It’s under attack by someone who looks like me? Is he stronger than me?? Goku shouts. In the preview, Black Goku was looking really powerful.

The Episode 48 aired that yesterday revealed that it was tough for Future Trunks to travel from the future to the present. Collecting fuel for the time machine was a challenging task for Future Trunks and Future Bulma, GameNGuide reported. Black Goku was troubling them with bombs.

There is happy news for “Dragon Ball Super” ?fans. One more character is likely to enter the series, according to saiyanisland. His name will be Zamansu. Shin-ichiro Mikwho will be voicing this character. He had voiced for other popular characters like James from Pokemon, Urahara from Bleach and Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. His costumes are related to Supreme Kai. We may have to wait for a few more days to receive this character. Dragon Ball Super may have a hundred episodes. Adding more characters has created such a hype.

?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 49 titled ?A Message from the Future! Goku Black Invades!? will be hitting the television screen on Sunday, June 26, on Fuji TV.

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