Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Spoilers: Beerus, Whiz Fusion; God King Zamasu Appearance

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super has reignited the passion of many anime fans in one of the longest running anime series ever, Dragon Ball. The latest installment has gotten even more exciting after every episode and now fans cannot wait to see what will happen in Dragon Ball Super Episode 49. If you want to get some juicy DBS Episode 49 spoilers then you have come to the right place, otherwise proceed to scroll down at your own risk.

The latest trailer for Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 has just popped up and it revealed some very exciting details about the upcoming episode. According to MobileNApps, a new character will be making its appearance in the anime. If you have been wondering who the green-skinned character is during the DBS intro video, it is none other than God King Zamasu.

No other detail has been leaked aside from his name so everyone is surely excited to see what role he will play in the upcoming episode. According to Yibada, the status of God King may be a sign that Zamasu will be a strong character and cold be at par with the Omni-King or Beerus.

Speaking of Beerus, fans can be happy to hear that new pictures of the new-look fusion between Beerus and Whis in the Dragon Ball Fusions video game has leaked online, as reported by Yibada. The same report mentions that the highlight of the Dragon Ball Fusions game is that any playable character can ?fuse to become a new warrior?. If you are into video games and a big fan of Dragon Ball, this is definitely something you should try.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 as well as other trending news in the world of anime.


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