Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 Recap: Black Goku On The Verge Of Destroying Earth; Goku To The Rescue!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 49 just picked up where it left off during the previous episode. The recent show began with Trunks being shocked seeing that Goku is still alive. It was also in episode 49 where Lord Beerus and Whis learned about the time travelling of Trunks.

The said time travelling of Trunks has been coined by the Pilaf Gang as a scandal as they are still figuring out the difference between Future Trunks and Kid Trunks. However, Bulma will meddle with the Gang and reveal that the kid and future Trunks are just one. The only difference is the time period they?re in.

The time machine was of course built by Bulma, which impressed Whis a lot. He was amazed by the fact that a person can built such an invention. However, though it is an interesting product, he said that time travelling or even manipulating periods is a crime.

Whis said that time should only be in one direction. He even made a comparison that if someone travels in the past then plucked a flower, this might trigger a drastic change in the future. For him, it might look like a simple thing but it can change the world for worst.

Beerus, coming from the world of Gods, threatened Bulma and Trunks that he can punish them because of the time machine but Bulma explained that it was her future self who made the invention. Trunks also begged Whis not to hurt them. However, Whis reminded Trunks that the final decision will be on Beerus.

Beerus then agreed to spare the couple on one condition: Bulma and Trunks must treat him with fish sausages.

Meanwhile, Vegeta was surprised with what happened so he asked Future Trunks if Majin Boo came. The latter bared that he was able to prevent Majin Boo from resurrecting as he defeated Babidi and Dabra. However, Black Goku appeared and announced his intention to destroy humanity for justice.

It should be noted that Black Goku has already spread violence on other planets. The people on Earth are just keeping the character from destroying them but it seems that time is not on their side anymore. Black Goku has already killed Future Bulma.

Goku will be interested to engage in a battle with Trunks so he can measure the strength of Black Goku. So it was seen on the episode that the two are getting ready to fight after transforming. Bulma created a shield to protect them and prevent any damages.

Trunks gave Goku a good fight. However the latter was provoked to be in his Super Saiyan 3, which made it hard for the former to fight anymore.

Episode 50 will showcase another epic fight and this time between Goku and Black Goku.

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