Dragon Ball Super Episode 48 Spoilers: Who Will Kill Black Goku?

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“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 48 is likely to be one of the best episodes this month. The preview has introduced a new villain called ?Black Goku?.

According to Christian Times, the Future Trunks will find himself in the past. Dragon Ball Super ?episode 48 promo has also predicted a big fight between Goku and Black Goku. Vegeta will stand for Goku. Goku and Vegeta will be struggling hard to stop the villains from killing more worlds and lives.

Fans are expecting a lot from the character Black Goku. ?You can feel in your bones just how evil Black is… it’s incredible. From your very first look at him, he’s just bad to the bone. I’ll only say one thing about the end of the new chapter’s first episode, but this should say it all: it’s enough to make you go ‘there’s no way they can win,? Takeshi Kusao, who has voiced Trunk, expressed his views about the new character.

He also revealed that Masako Nozawa-san will be voicing Black Goku, according to Design&Trend. Black Goku is stronger than other Super Saiyans, GameNGuide reported. So, Goku, Vegeta and their friends will have a tough time in defeating him.

According to Movie News Guide, Omni King Zeno can kill Black Goku. In the previous episode, Whis, Beerus, Goku and Vegeta were discussing about Omni King Zeno. Zeno is a very powerful character even though he doesn?t have a muscular body. Once, Zeno got angry and destroyed six universes. The possibility of Moaka killing Black Guru is very small. ?Dragon Ball Super? is likely to have 100 episodes. The show creator, Akira Toriyama, has confirmed that the upcoming episodes will focus on Future Trunks, Australian Network News reported.

“Dragon Ball Super” Episode 48 titled ?Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present!? will be aired on Sunday, June 19, on Fuji TV.

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