Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Spoilers: Hit To Acquire Champa’s Cube?

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Dragon Ball Super episode 35 has already been released and the much-awaited showdown between Saiyan Prince Vegeta and Universe 6?s Frost finally happened. As the battle quickly ended, here are the things that have occurred so far and the scenarios that will appear in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episode 36 of the anime series.

Vegeta finished Frost with four or five powerful blows that threw Frost out of the fighting area, which immediately led to the disqualification of the latter. According to Design & Trend, as the Saiyan Prince waited for the announcement of his next opponent, Universe 6?s head, Champa, declared a new rule that would apply to the succeeding matches.

Champa added a new layer to the ring?s atmosphere and stated that if a fighter touches this additional glass-like layer, it would also be equal to stepping outside the fighting arena, which of course, would lead to automatic disqualification.

Meanwhile, in a separate scene that the outlet shared, Frost tried to access Champa?s cube to acquire the sort of god status that would further enhance his ability to dominate the universe. However, Hit was there to stop Frost from executing his plan. The former killed the villain, which generally gave the fans the idea of how strong he is as he displayed an enormous power.

Going back to Vegeta, the time had come for the announcement of his next foe. It is Magetta, a robot man that possesses commendable strength. The episode ended with the Saiyan Prince being exhausted as his robot enemy started spitting molten-lava saliva that caused that arena to become extremely hot.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 36 Spoiler

The next episode is titled ?An Unexpected Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta?s Explosion of Rage? and it will continue to feature the showdown between the Saiyan Prince and the robot man.

In a report from Yibada, Vegeta is going to unleash a massive final flash while Magetta is steaming off from his lava-filled mouth. It was also revealed by the outlet that the attacks from both fighters will collide as the fight progresses. Later on, Vegeta will release a Kamehameha, which could probably end the match. However, it is too early to speculate as to who will win the faceoff knowing that Vegeta has been exhausted by the heat in the arena and also, given the fact that Magetta is much stronger than Frost.

Hit As The Next Major Villain

We already stated in our previous post that Hit could be the next major villain in the anime series. First, because he possesses all the characteristics that previous villains had, like Frieza and Cell. Now, with the recent episode ended, it just strengthens the speculation for the Universe 6 fighter.

When Hit killed Frost, it was a clear indication that the former did not want the latter to get his hand on Champa?s cube. Plus, Design & Trend continued that prior to that scene, during his first dialogue in the series, Hit declared his intention of securing the cube for himself.

Now, knowing the cube?s ability to make its holder?s power increase dramatically, we wonder what could be the plan of Hit for him to target Champa?s cube. Although it is not yet clear whether he will acquire the cube or not, one thing is for sure, if hit gets his hand on it, it is going to be a great threat for Universe 7 fighters.

Dragon Ball Super episode 36 is going to be available on March 27, 2016 as reported by Saiyan Island.

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