Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Spoilers: Vegeta Kicks Frost’s Butt?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 35, Dragon Ball Super Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super episode 35 will be aired as promised this Sunday, March 20. Fans are hoping to see more action as Vegeta?s anger has been turned into power. It is expected that there will be more butt-kicking action. It is going to be an all-out battle as the title of the episode suggests.

Frost?s butt will get more than kicking because Vegeta was so furious when he learned that he was cheating. In two previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super, Frost won the fight against Goku and had also knocked down Piccolo. But the space pirate was not declared winner upon beating Piccolo because he was found cheating.

In Dragon Ball Super 34, Vegeta told the announcer of the tournament to search Frost?s body, and a needle was found in his metal wrist cuff bracelet worn on his right hand. Vegeta is so determined to avenge his fellow Z Fighters. MRN Daily says ?he will use his anger to defeat Frost and punish him for what he did to Son Goku and Piccolo.? He vowed to beat the evil emperor of universe 6 with his own bare hands.

There are so many spoilers that are coming out about Dragon Ball Super 35. Most of the write-ups talk about unmasking the identity of Frost. He appeared to be pleasant and with a sportsmanlike conduct. But everything was all for show. It is rumored that more of Frost?s scheme will be seen. Breathecast reports that Frost?s real identity is a horrible space pirate – he ?started wars and bought the ravaged lands at a cheap price.”

However, it also appears that the triumph of Vegeta will not be seen in the upcoming Dragon Ball Super 35. It is hinted that the battle will be extended to episode 36 as its title is “An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta’s Explosion of Rage!” It?s pretty obvious that DBS 35 is absolutely an action-packed episode as it is being stretched to two episodes.

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