Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Spoiler–Frost & Vegeta In Epic Battle?

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Just as fans thought Frost of Universe 6 is a good guy, Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 revealed that he is not and that the character is also a part of an underground group in their universe. After the villain defeated Goku and Piccolo, Vegeta will be the one to take on the challenge in Episode 35.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 34

At the beginning of the episode, Goku can be seen unconscious outside the fighting arena which meant Frost had defeated him. However, it was really suspicious because during Episode 33, the Saiyan was clearly winning the match, but suddenly became dizzy and gave Frost the chance to throw him outside.

In the latest episode, Beerus was clearly disappointed with the outcome of the fight but he had no intentions of letting his rival, Champa, know how he felt about it so he just acted cool. Piccolo was then called to go down and face Frost. With ?a strategy planned, the Namekian warrior clearly had an advantage over the villain. But, when Frost was obviously cornered, and everybody just waiting for Piccolo to deliver the final blow, the Universe 6?s fighter slid his hands down the arms of Piccolo which made the latter dizzy, and just like Goku, he ended losing to Frost.

However, just as the referee announced Frost as the winner, Jaco, a space patrol, objects to the decision and revealed that the warrior was cheating. Everybody was shocked, even the Gods. Champa even threatened to kill Jaco if the accusation is proven not true. Luckily for him, the referee found the needle Frost has been using to inject his opponents with poison, which would led to his disqualification from the tournament.

Frost?s true identity would then be revealed. He is the leader of an underground organization who handles the space pirates who attack planets in their universe. It was then Frost who further explained what he actually does in Universe 6. He starts war then resolves it by himself. Frost would then purchase the war-ravaged planet at a low price and restore it before reselling the planet at a huge profit.

Due to this revelation, Champa became mad and wanted to kill Frost. But, Vegeta announced that the villain should not be disqualified because of cheating. The Saiyan then ordered Piccolo to forfeit the win so he can fight Frost. The Namekian warrior agreed which would give Universe 6 another victory. Vegeta went down to the arena confidently while saying he will be the one to beat the villain with his own two hands.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 Spoiler

With these recent twists in the series, Vegeta seemed to be going out full force already as he is so pumped up. Although he has not transformed yet to a Super Saiyan, it is safe to assume that he is going to take the match seriously from the very start, especially given the fact that his foe is cheating.

In a recent preview trailer of Dragon Ball Super Episode 35, Frost is showing his arms with the poison leaking out from it. Now, with the revelation of his dark tactic, is it going to be legal for him to use it? And, can Vegeta come out victorious against the villain?

Definitely, Dragon Ball Super Episode 35 will be featuring the head-to-head battle between Vegeta and Frost. It will air next Sunday, March 13, on Fuji TV.

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