Dragon Ball Super Episode 35, 36 and 37 Titles & Plots Revealed; Upcoming Installment on Hiatus?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 35, Dragon Ball Super Spoilers

Eager fans of Dragon Ball Super were frustrated for missing episode 35 on Sunday. But they need not worry because regular airing will resume on March 20, 2016. On a different note, titles of episode 35, 36, and 37 are now revealed, as seen on reports from Attack of The Fanboy. Take note though that titles of the DBS episodes might reveal spoilers of the upcoming episodes, particularly the outcome of each battle in the tournament.


The report states that Dragon Ball Super episode 35 is titled ?Turn Anger Into Power! Vegeta?s All-Out Battle,? while episode 36 is titled ?An Unexpectedly Tricky Opponent!? Vegeta?s Explosion of Rage!? As for DBS episode 37, there is no definite title yet. But as mentioned in the article, it will be somewhere along the lines of a ?Vegeta vs Cabba.? The episodes will be broadcast on March 20, March 27, and April 3, respectively.


Aside from these titles, it is noted that plots have been revealed as well. For Dragon Ball Super episode 35, the plot focuses on an angry Vegeta. Though it was shown that Frost, the space pirate, is supposed to be disqualified for cheating as he fought against Goku and Piccolo, Vegeta doesn?t want him to be banned from the tournament. It appears that the Saiyan Z Fighter is determined to defeat Frost himself.


The big spoiler for Dragon Ball Super episode 36 is in the plot as it discloses the result of Vegeta and Frost. According to the summary of DBS 36 storyline, Vegeta is declared the winner as he attacked Frost mercilessly. But there will be one big surprise in this episode. ?A new rule was established for the remaining matches. From now on, as soon as one touches the barrier, even in midair, it will be an ?out-of-bounds loss.?? Since Vegeta won, his next opponent is the metalman, Magetta. This will be another exciting fight that fans must look forward to.
But of course, DBS 36 has to wait until episode 35 will be aired next Sunday. We?re sure it will be a thrilling competition. MRN Daily says that it will be an all-out combat for Vegeta as he is enraged at Frost?s deception. How do you think Frost will be able to put up in this battle since he?s already been busted? Do you think he has one more trick up his sleeve? Share your insights in the comment box below.

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