Dragon Ball Super Episode 34 Spoilers: Who Will Defeat Frost?

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Dragon Ball Super episode 34 is highly anticipated after “Be Surprised, Universe 6! This is Super Saiyan – Son Goku!” has gotten the attention of DBS fans. It has been noted that the previous episode wowed its viewers because it appeared to be less predictable than before. The title of the episode was actually apt because everyone who watched it was definitely astonished of the outcome of the second match.

If Dragon Ball Super episode 34 will be able to sustain its unpredictability, then fans could say that Akira Toriyama, together with Toei Animation, has improved in terms of adding an element of surprise in the story. For DBS fans, this is a breath of fresh air since it will keep the excitement going.

Fans are wondering who could defeat Frost now since he has been victorious in his match against Goku. International Business Times recalls that Frost kicked Goku out of the ring. Frost attacked the super Saiyan after he changed into his final form.

Yibada reports that the next opponent of Frost is Piccolo. In fact, Dragon Ball Super episode 34 is titled “Piccolo vs. Frost – Bet Everything on the Makank?sapp?!” Perhaps many would doubt if Piccolo could knock Frost out. However, DBS fans will just have to wait and see as the next episode will be released on March 6.

In the meantime, the recent trailer of Dragon Ball Episode 34 reveals some spoilers of what will happen next. As seen on the PV, Piccolo was thrown off as Frost?s kick landed on his chest. However, it is also seen in the video that Piccolo will change into his multi-form Makank?sapp?.

It has been noted that the Namekian Z Fighter has never been seen transforming into his Makank?sapp? form, which makes Dragon Ball Episode 34 exciting to watch.

In the upcoming episode, viewers may also find out why Goku froze when Frost punched him. Will the super Saiyan Goku be able to get back to the multiverse tournament?

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