Dragon Ball Super Episode 33: Watch Goku Fight Against Botamo And Frost

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Dragon Ball Super has started a new story arc, the multiverse tournament. What makes the DBS more interesting now is that fans could hardly predict what would come next in the storyline. You can obviously say that Akira Toriyama has upgraded his craft as far as narrative style is concerned. Meanwhile, the latest Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 showcases a straightforward battle between Goku and Botamo.

DBS 33 was an intense, action-packed episode. Viewers were treated with intense fights in the first eight minutes of the episode alone as Goku fought Botamo. Design & Trend said that Botamo never backed down despite ?Goku giving Botamo an all-universe level thrashing.? In fact, the yellow-skinned warrior was never injured by Goku?s brutal and offensive attacks. No amount of punches and kamehameha wave knocked down Botamo, including the head butt that Vegeta advised Goku to try on the said opponent.

So how did the Super Saiyan defeat Botamo? Attack of the Fanboy reports that it was Jaco who advised Goku about Botamo?s strength and why he seemed to not be affected by his blows. According to Jaco, Botamo has the ability to transfer attacks to another dimension, or something of that sort. With this knowledge, Goku picked up the leg of Botamo and threw him out of the ring, ultimately winning the battle.

Based on the rules of the multiverse tournament, fighters lose the battle when ?they?re knocked out, give up or land outside of the ring? by their opponents. Therefore, Goku?s move was valid, and the fact that Botamo was thrown outside the ring was what made him lose the tournament.

The next opponent that Goku had to face in Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 was Frost. Christian Post said that the episode showcased a lot of fighting not just in the first match but even in the second match between the two fighters.

However, some fans reacted negatively about how the match of Goku and Frost ended. The emperor of the 6th universe threw a punch on Goku, which obviously had a strange effect on him; he was delirious. Frost took advantage of it and viciously kicked Goku and threw him out of the ring. A fan with user name mr1000111 took to Reddit and said that there was some kind of cheating that happened in that match.

Click here to watch the online streaming of Dragon Ball Super episode 33. What do you think of the match between Goku and Frost? Share your insights in the comment box below.

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