Dragon Ball Super Episode 33 Spoilers: This Might Happen In The First Match Of Universe Six Martial Arts Tourney

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Here is what is in store for you for the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.

For those who are still watching Dragon Ball Super, this upcoming episode means something. That?s right, the first match for the Universe Six Martial Arts tournament is on. And if a Dragon Ball story arc involves any tournament-based plots and episode fight scenes, you know things will get serious.

In the preview scene for Episode 33, which is titled as ?Be Surprised, Universe 6! This is Super Saiyan ? Son Goku?, we can see Son Goku getting his first match on the Universe Six Martial Arts Tournament against Botamo, the yellow-skinned fighter with a tank top that was claimed to be one of the most powerful warriors in Universe 6, which made Goku really delighted, in the episode preview we see Botamu not taking the match seriously, and judging from his physical appearance, he is more of a person who likes to do body slam attacks, which was seen in some portions of the preview.


But since Goku wants to take everything seriously, he is going to give Botamo a surprise of his life; by turning into a Super Saiyan, though it is been a rare sight for him to activate his Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super, since his base form has become more powerful, especially when has achieved God Saiyan status. And from the looks of Episode 33 it will just focus on the Botamo-Goku fight and eventually will only last for an episode and it is not a major scene.

So if you are curious on what is going to happen next [Spoiler Alert], let us just say that Botamo got defeated after he got kicked out of the ring after some attempts from Goku. And for his next opponent, it will be a Frieze sort of character by the name of Frost, he could be a relative of Frieze perhaps? We?ll find out soon on the next Dragon Ball Super episode.


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