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Dragon Ball Super Episode 29 Spoilers: Champa And Beerus Starts Tournament, Monaka To Join The Event?

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The Champa arc continues on the next episode of Dragon Ball Super. The upcoming episode 29, which airs this Sunday, Jan. 31, picks up from last week, as the two rival gods of destruction Beerus and Champa assemble their five-man teams for the interdimensional tournament.

To those just catching up to the series now, here?s a brief rundown of the story arc so far courtesy of Design & Trend:

?The saga will see Beerus and Champa start a Tenkaichi Budokai-esque tournament for all of their best fighters. If Beerus? fighters win, Champa will give him all but one of the Super Dragon Balls. If Champa wins, Beerus will have to switch Earth?s with him, so that Champa can enjoy universe six?s dining delicacies. Let the games begin!?

According to Attack of The Fanboy, the new episode is titled ?An appointment to determine the match! The captain is a much stronger type as Goku!? So expect to see the two sides come together in this one. From previous reports, we know that Champa?s side will be composed of Hitto, Kyabe, Frost, Botamo, and Magetta. Opposing them will be Team Beerus, which is made up of Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Majin Buu, and an unknown fifth competitor. According to Otakuart, the the mystery fighter is the strongest fighter Beerus has ever fought.

As for episode 30, Attack of the Fanboy says that the episode synopsis may hint at who the fifth fighter is. It reads, ?Beerus shares the recruits to the rest of his team. He visits Monaka, the strongest guy he?s ever fought before, but ??!? Is Monaka the final piece of Team Beerus? You?ll have to tune in to Dragon Ball Super this Sunday to find out.


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