Dragon Ball Super Ep 66, 67 Spoilers: Vegito Returns But Future Trunks Dies?

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Dragon Ball Super

With the Zamasu and Black Goku?s immense force, the Saiyans found it difficult to thrash them, especially when they joined their powers in Dragon Ball Super Episode 65. Will Son Goku and Vegeta, at long last, defeat the merciless Merged Zamasu in Episode 66 and 67?

We could only speculate so much right now but rumors claim that the next installments might be the best episodes in the entire anime so far. Moreover, a tragedy will take place leaving fans with another bitter-sweet memory of the great Dragon Ball Super story. What could possibly go wrong? Read on to find out.

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 66: Showdown! The Unyielding Warrior?s Miraculous Power

In the teaser trailer for Episode 66, Vegito, the combined character of Vegeta and Son Goku will return. Interestingly, he will likewise be in his Super Saiyan Blue mode at the moment he arrives for battle.

On the other hand, Merged Zamasu, described as an immortal villain, will run from Vegito in Episode 66. This can only mean, according to spoiler report, that Zamasu was already severely damaged, suggesting that his ultimate end may happen sooner than later. However, Merged Zamasu?s much-awaited defeat will not occur until Episode 67.

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In case you?re wondering how the evil duo would die, well, Omni-King will save the day. Goku unintentionally pushed the button of an unidentified communication device (provided by Omni-King, also known as Zen-Chan) which resulted to the accidental arrival of the 12-universe lord.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 67: Farewell Trunks

With Son Goku and Vegeta fused together, the only sacrificial lamb left would be Future Trunks.

The good news is, Dragon Ball has never treated death as something final. In fact, a lot of our beloved characters who have been killed over the last few decades were missed only to be resurrected later on.

Not to mention that the recent episodes were made for nothing else but build up Future Trunk?s character. With his false Super Saiyan God transformation still unnamed, the risk of losing Future Trunks early in the franchise is still very low.

Episode 67 is scheduled to air on November 30.

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