?Dragon Ball Super’ Ep. 49 Spoilers: Gohan Will Fight Black Goku?

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Dragon Ball Super Ep. 49 Spoilers

?Dragon Ball Super? is getting even more exciting with each episode and surely fans of the show can?t wait to find out what will happen next. If you are here to get some ?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 49 Spoilers, then you are definitely in luck. Just scroll down at your own risk though as there will be some juicy DBS Episode 49 spoilers below.

Episode 48 saw Future Trunks just escape the wrath of Black Goku to be able to return to the main ?Dragon Ball? timeline. Now it appears that it is Goku?s turn to take on his evil counterpart. In the ?Dragon Ball Super? trailer, it can be seen that Black Goku and Goku are preparing to do battle.

While we don?t really know that much about Black Goku, Design&Trend reports that he appears to ?have an interest in extinguishing the remainder? of the Saiyan race. We do know that he is super strong, so the clash between Goku and Black Goku is certainly something that you should not miss if you are a big DBS fan.

According to Yibada, there are other DBS characters who could come in and fight Black Goku instead and one of these could very well be Goku?s son Gohan. The same report says that having Gohan fight Black Goku could create a very interesting plot twist that will open up some more interesting storylines. Of course, having Gohan fight an enemy who looks just like his father is surely going to be a clash for the ages.

Will Goku finally fight Black Goku in ?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 49 or will it actually be Gohan who will try to take on the evil counterpart of his father? Be sure to tune in to ?Dragon Ball Super? Episode 49 to find out the answer.

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