Dragon Ball Super English Dub Release Date: Toonami Premiere on January 2017; Sneak Peek Coming This December

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After announcing on November 10 that they?ve acquired the rights to air the newest Dragon Ball franchise from Toei Animation, Toonami has set the Dragon Ball Super English Dub release date on January 21, 2017. Their latest announcement on Monday informed fans that the release will cover countries from Southeast Asia, along with India.

Fans from Southeast Asia and India will get to see a sneak peek preview of the Dragon Ball Super (Doragon Boru Supa) dubbed in English. The sneak peek is scheduled to air on December 17, 2016. This marks the first international release of the new?animated series, which originally aired on July 2015 in Japan.

Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Z Kai have been airing on Toonami since the launch of the channel in 2012. Mark Eyers, Chief Content Officer for Turner?s Kids Networks in Asia Pacific, said ?…to premiere Dragon Ball Super demonstrates the channel?s continued commitment to securing must-have and must-see content, first on Toonami.?


Dragon Ball enthusiasts from U.S. and Canada can thank FUNimation. The leading anime company in North America also snatched the distribution rights for Dragon Ball Super in U.S. and Canada. This includes streaming, direct downloading, and releasing of home videos. The company has broadcasting and merchandising rights as well.

Currently, Dragon Ball Super English dub is not available, although subtitled episodes are available through their FunimationNow service. FUNimation has been loyal to Toei?s Dragon Ball franchise with their 20 years of partnership.



Dragon Ball Super was created after 18 years by its original creator, Akira Toriyama. The series is set in the time after the defeat of Majin Buu. Goku and his colleagues are living in comfort since his victory. He even took on being a radish farmer to help out with his family?s upkeep.

Tension rises when Beerus, the God of Destruction and the most terrifying creature in the universe, goes to Earth. He goes to the planet to search and to fight the Super Saiyan God.

Watch below Toonami?s exclusive clip of Dragon Ball Super English Dub.


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