Dragon Ball Super 60 Spoilers: Black Takes Over Zamasu?s Plans?

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Dragon Ball Super 60 Spoilers

Goku and the gang learns that Zamasu will eventually kill Gowasu to steal the time rings. So in the current timeline, they pay a visit to Gowasu to observe Zamasu. Beerus becomes one badass in episode 59. Here is a recap and Dragon Ball Super 60 spoilers.

Death of Zamasu

Goku, Beerus, Whis, and the Kaioshin from Universe 7 pay Gowasu a visit in his realm. They briefly talk about Zamasu up until the time he (Zamasu) comes in to bring tea for his master. Sensing that he might kill Gowasu by poisoning his tea, Whis offers a different tea and snack. The group says their farwell and observes the scene from afar.

Even though confirming Zamasu?s intent to kill, Beerus cannot do anything unless they have proof. So as expected, while Gowasu is relishing his daifuku and tea from Whis, Zamasu brings out his energy blade and attacks Gowasu from behind causing his death. Whis then reverses time back to the point when Zamasu readies to attack Gowasu. This time. they prevent Gowasu?s death with a use of a mitten (cute neko mitten to be exact).

Zamasu is surprised that his attack did not kill his master and Goku?s group appears once again to confront him. The Kaioshin explains to Gowasu Zamasu?s intention to kill him, steal the Time Rings, and use the Dragon Balls to gain immortality. Goku also mentions what Zamasu has done to the future – destroying cities to wipe out humanity.

Zamasu is pleased to hear that he is able to execute this as his intentions are for the sake of Divine Justice. Without flinching, Beerus eliminates Zamasu, making him vanish altogether.

Dragon Ball Super 60 Spoilers

Back on earth, they tell Future Trunks that they ended Zamasu. However, Future Trunks doubts this and feels that the future remains the same. Beerus assures him that when a God kills another God, time space is affected thus, changes the future.

Black Takes Over Zamasu?s Plan

In episode 59, it is also hinted that Black Goku is becoming an evil fart, or rather, evil farce. In the future timeline, while Zamasu and Black ?regroup?, Black assures Zamasu that he will defeat Goku the next time they meet. However, Zamasu thinks having a prey would be good for him and then suggests that Black use the Dragon Balls to become immortal as well.

Black then declares that he desires to become stronger and accomplish their mission of 0 Mortal Plan.

What?s puzzling is that the preview of Dragon Ball Super 60, somewhat shows Zamasu and Black in the future, contradicting what Beerus said about it changing. It is not unlikely that before killing Zamasu in the present time, Zamasu had already gained immortality. Or perhaps, Goku will soon find out that Black?s existence cannot be reversed and he will continue Zamasu?s plan to rid the world of mortals. What do you think about this theory?

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