Dragon Ball Super 59 Spoilers: Goku Convinces Beerus to Go to Universe 10 to Rescue Kaioshin Gowasu

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Dragon Ball Super 59 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super 59?s release will be delayed. It looks like Dragon Ball Super fans will have a not so desirable break from all the exciting fights. Despite the delay, many fans are still excited about the upcoming episode. Major spoilers keep on coming to keep the audiences hyped.

Based on Dragon Ball Super 59 spoilers, Son Goku, Future Trunks and Vegeta seek evidence that Zamasu is meant to be a villain. Rumor has it that Zamasu will end the life of his mentor, Kaioshin Gowasu. The reason why he wants to do so is to protect his identity from being revealed.

When Goku and present Zamasu met, the former saw no strong signs of the latter turning to evil. ?But Goku eventually found proof that he and his team were looking for.

During the fight in Dragon Ball Super 58, Goku noticed that future Zamasu has a pair of Potara earrings. Qualified Kaioshins are the only ones that usually wear such. From the moment that Goku saw the Potara earrings that future Zamasu wore, he knew that Gowasu needed help. He is in great danger at the hands of his student.

Speculations claim that Goku will learn that his instincts are correct. He finds out that Gowasu?s life is really in danger. Zamasu plans to kill him.

Dragon Ball Super 59 Synopsis

The official synopsis for Dragon Ball Super 59 has been released. Based on the synopsis, Goku wants to go to Universe 10. But it looks like he does not want to go alone. So he asks Beerus to go with him.

But Goku cannot easily convince Beerus to go with him to Universe 10. The latter does not believe that Zamasu is really evil. Beerus wants more evidence before they head to Universe 10.

In the end, Goku was able to persuade Beerus to go with him. If Goku and Beerus can?t head immediately to Universe 10, things might be too late and there?s a likelihood that they will not be able to save Gowasu anymore.

Dragon Ball Super 59 is slated to air on September 25 on Fuji at 9:00 AM, Japan time.

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