Dragon Ball Super 59 Predictions: Son Goku to Transform as Super Saiyan Rose, Zamasu?s Plans to be Revealed

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Dragon Ball Super 59 predictions suggest that Black Goku?s days might soon be over. The character?s approaching death is currently one of the hottest topics about the hit anime series. Aside from Black Goku?s death, spoilers claim that the plans of Zamasu will be revealed soon.

Fans expect that the plot for Dragon Ball Super will get more exciting. Son Goku, Vegeta and Trunks could finally learn about the weakness of their opponent and so they could have the chance to defeat him. Avid followers of Dragon Ball Super are curious what Black Goku?s weakness could be. However, details about what could defeat him are scarce.

Rumor has it that Son Goku also has the ability to transform himself into Super Saiyan Rose. During the previous episodes of Dragon Ball Super, it can be recalled that Black Goku made a surprising transformation as Super Saiyan Rose. It turns out that even Son Goku has the ability to do that.

Zamasu?s Plans to be Revealed

It was earlier reported that Zamasu could have evil plans against Gowasu. Avid fans know that Gowasu is his mentor and that he knows a lot about him. Zamasu is protecting his identity. Thus, he will do everything to make sure that his secrets will remain as such. It seems like there is nothing that Zamasu can?t do and his plans could unfortunately include killing his own teacher.

But it looks like Zamasu won?t find it too easy to accomplish his plans. Dragon Ball Super predictions further suggest that he will be defeated by Son Goku. Dragon Ball Super 59 could see Goku rushing to save the life of Gowasu according to spoilers. Zamasu will supposedly have a pair of Potara. Two potaras could only be worn by a qualified Kaioshin. This is how Goku will learn that Gowasu needs his help.

Dragon Ball Super 59 is slated to air on September 25, 2016. The episode 60 of the hit anime series, on the other hand, will be released on October 2. Dragon Ball Super episode 61 titled “Zamasu’s Ambition / The ‘Human Elimination Plan’ is Divulged? is scheduled on October 9.

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