Dragon Ball Super 56 Spoilers and Episode 55 Recap: Goku’s New BFF; Zamasu and the Super Saiyan Rose

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Dragon Ball Super 56

AND? nobody guessed that Goku?s meeting with the Omni King would be as simple as the King just wanting to play with Goku and be his friend. How cute is that? Here is an episode 55 recap and as well as spoilers for Dragon Ball Super 56.


Dragon Ball Super 55 gave us a glimpse as to how much everyone fears the Omni-King, Zeno, and how perhaps unpredictable he might be. Goku (being an idiot as usual) ?was the only one not thinking too highly of him upon their first meeting. After exchanging pleasantries, Goku left informing his new friend, Zen-chan, that they will play some other time and that Goku will bring along another person who can be Zen-chan?s friend. Zen-chan hands Goku a ?call button? – should Goku wants Zen-chan to come, all he has to do is press the button and the king will come right away. Will Goku use this on the next battle with Black?

Dragon Ball Super 56

Zamasu and the Super Saiyan Rose

Back in Universe 10, we see Zamasu and Gowasu, while observing the Barbarians, getting attacked by one of them. Zamasu, without any hesitation, kills this barbarian by slicing him in half, even when Gowasu tells him not to. This goes to show how Zamasu?s hate towards mortals is slowly taking over him and makes him disregard his own master?s orders. It will be no surprise if sooner or later Zamasu?s hate will consume him fully and make him implode. Is Zamasu slowly turning into Black?

Back in Kaioshin realm, while Gowasu was scolding Zamasu for his actions, we see pink (or rose colored) petals falling or flying heavily around them. Fans say it is a symbolism of the Super Saiyan Rose and that this points to perhaps Zamasu being Black Goku. There is also a speculation that Zamasu will eventually kill Gowasu to get the time ring.

The Rematch

In Dragon Ball Super 56, expect to see the trio, Vegeta, Trunks and Goku, facing off with Black Goku in his Super Saiyan Rose form. It is also possible that in this episode we can get more clues as to who Black Goku really is. ?

Will you be happy if Goku gets another transformation and surpasses Beerus and Whis? Hit us up in the comments section below.
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