Dragon Ball Super 56 Recap and 57 Spoilers: Goku to Battle with Black Goku Once Again?

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 56 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super 56 has seen Goku, Trunks and Vegeta travelling into the future. Trunks was the one who led their way. Their trip was not very smooth as they were attacked by force fighters along the way. They mistakenly thought that Son Goku was Black Goku.

Trunks told them that they are mistaking Goku for Black. When they were able to recognize Trunks, they apologized. And by the time things turned out to be better, Trunks took it as his chance to be able to explain that their mission is to beat Black. Then the fighters informed him that they are actually aware of the plan.

Their revelation greatly surprised Trunks. He knew that it was only him, Bulma and Mai who knew about their plan. What happened was Mai told them the plan after she survived the attack.

As Goku, Vegeta and future Trunks was able to make it in the future, Goku will face a fight with Black Goku. The plot for Dragon Ball Super 57 reveals that Goku and Black will fight to the death. Goku will be seen transforming himself back as Super Saiyan Blue. Black Goku, on the other hand, will transform as Super Saiyan Rose.

One of the most awaited things that fans are excited to see in Dragon Ball Super 57 is if and how Goku can defeat Black Goku. It isn?t hard to tell that things are going to be tough for him.

Fans could also expect that Dragon Ball Super episode 57 is bound to show more of Black Goku and Zamasu. Fans could expect that the connection between this two will be explained further in the upcoming episode. The said episode, titled “The Birth of the Invisible God?, will also mostly discuss about the history of Zamasu.

Recent speculations claim that Zamasu and Black Goku in Dragon Ball Super will be revealed to be just one. But it looks like not everyone is convinced that the two are just one person.

For the meantime, fans could just wait and see how this will happen when Dragon Ball Super 57 airs on September 4 on Fuji TV.

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