Dragon Ball Super 56 and 57 Spoilers: Trunks Leads the Way to the Future, Zamasu?s True Color to Be Revealed

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 53 Spoilers

Dragon Ball Super 56 and 57 spoilers suggest that Trunks will lead the way to the future and the true colors of an evil character will be revealed. Episode 56 will see more of Goku and Vegeta with Future Trunks as a major part of the said episode. Another thing that fans could expect from this episode is Trunks learning about the whereabouts of Emperor Pilaf’s female minion and the fact that Mai is missing.

Trunks will guide Goku and Vegeta. They will be heading to the base of the resistance attempting to defeat Black Goku. The main goal of Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta is to travel to the future so they can save the earth.

While they are on their way, the three will have an inevitable encounter with the people residing in the area. Based on the recently released preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 56, Vegeta is looking at people who admired Trunks. While he does, Vegeta realizes how people love the fighter. Many still adore him despite all the not so favourable odds.

All three of them are able to make it to the resistance headquarters to battle with Black Goku. But it looks like they are going to come across someone that they did not even expect to see. Dragon Ball Super 56 is slated to air on August 27, 2016.

Episode 57 of Dragon Ball Super will immediately follow. It looks like its title is set to revolve around the story of Zamasu. The title has been revealed as Advent of the Immortal God. Episode 57 of the anime series will most likely focus on the descending of the Supreme Kai apprentice of Universe 10, Zamasu.

Avid fans of Dragon Ball Super know that Zamasu is nothing but evil. He is actually one of the creepiest characters in the anime television series. But it appears that everything we have seen from this character is not the whole thing. There is a lot more to be known from Zamasu and this involves his true colors.

Dragon Ball Super 57 is scheduled to air on September ?4, 2016, Sunday on Fuji TV at 9 a.m. Japan time.

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